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Why you Need a Coach

For the same reason that elite sports stars all work with coaches, successful business people have coaches too! In the same way that Michael Bannon helps Rory McIlroy put together a winning game plan, implement strategies and tactics and develop a winning mindset, an Action Business Coach helps their clients achieve their goals, guaranteed, and sometimes more!

And yes, there are plenty of business coaches out there so it's important that business people choose their coach with care - here's 3 great questions to ask:

Do they Guarantee an ROI from coaching inside 6 months?

Do they have over 3,500 proven strategies & tactics in their toolkit?

Can they call on the brains & experience of 1000s of team mates?

In an increasingly competitive world where only 1 in 10 businesses survive for a decade, an Action Business Coach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Who is Steve Gandy?


Ever thought to yourself....

"I should be making more money after all this time" or...

"Taking on staff was the worst mistake I have made. I spend all my time putting out fires" or...

"How did my kids get so big? Where is my time going - I dont seem to have any these days" or...

"Theres something that I dont know thats stopping my business from reaching its potential"

....well I did!

For 20 years I floundered my way forwards, shovelling in the hours and flying by the seat of my pants. Ever felt like that?

Although I helped build a couple of businesses into the millions in sales it didnt feel like anything more than a massive struggle. Then one drizzy Tuesday January afternoon it all changed!

ActionCOACH showed me the systems that can create a business that works without you in it! This was a revelation for me. For more years than I care to remember it had been a grind and now this....why didnt I know about this before??

Well now I do and its now my mission to show YOU!

The amazing thing is, is that its so simple. Not easy but simple. And coaching works because it helps you keep it simple! Coaching is about one thing - RESULTS.

I cant turn back my clock but I can look to the future with excitement. I can show you how you can transform your business to make it exactly what you want it to be. Whether thats more profit, more time or to have a business you can exit to sell or provide you with a passive income stream, its all possible for you!

Remember that continuing to do what you have always done will get you more of the same. If you want to have a different destination for you and your business, make the decision to take a different approach right away!


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